Main research lines developed by LANOT’s task group.
    1. Short-term forecast models.
    2. Severe storms / rain rate.
    3. Climate Change
    Remote Sensing
    1. Marine /satellite oceanography.
    2. Vegetal Cover assessment.
    3. Earth Surface temperature, forest fires and volcanic ash emissions.
    4. 4. Lidar and high resolution airborne image acquisition.
    Spatial Data Infrastructures
    1. Systems’ development.
    2. Image time series storage / from different satellites, and extreme phenomena like hurricanes, cold fronts and forest fires, etc.
    High performance computing.
    1. Technological Innovation.
    2. Process optimization.
    Digital image processing.
    1. Algorithm development for image processing.
    2. DTM to stablish flooded>

Services offered by LANOT
  • Images distribution with different processing levels to the partners of the consortium and main users, via SFTP.
  • Images distribution to the general public, throughout LANOT’ web page.

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