Hot spots
Animation of the last 24 hours with detection of hot spots (red) using GOES-16/ABI images associated with forest fires, agricultural burning and industrial activities. The system works with an algorithm of interpolation to determine the specific thresholds of channel 7 and the difference between channels 7 and 14 for each of the GOES-16/ABI images that are received every 10 minutes through the day, hot spots detected with VIIRS satellite imaging and Land/water, desert, and cities masks.

Top of Clouds
Front No. 51 will extend with stationary characteristics over the southeast and east of the national territory, which will interact with a low pressure channel causing fog banks and low probability of isolated rains in the Sierra de Puebla and Hidalgo. For the Valley of Mexico, a clear sky, a hot environment and no rainy conditions will predominate.

Image SUVI Fe 131
Image SUVI Fe 171
Image SUVI He 303

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